Given I write all day long I discovered, I can’t just use writing. I write technical articles. I write business analysis. I write marketing stuff. I write novels. Novelling is the writing done that results in novels. Versus blogging, analyzing, scribbling, etc.

Writing is a craft that I have been practicing all of my life. Words build images, give shape to ideas, mold our character. During the 21st Century, we have returned to an earlier model for writing and publishing. The modern author must be a write well, collaborate with editors we never meet, manage our brand, promote our brand and our writing.

Novelling is a series of articles discussing the book process. I have known publishing all of my life. I am a nepo kid — a phrase I’ve never said aloud prior to 2023 (and I am no kid any more). Ahh, wait, I am possibly using that word wrong, or maybe I am bring something new to the phrase. In this series I will celebrate the gifts presented to me by my family and my upbringing.