About Me

Nearly everything on this site is true. I am an Aiken, that is true. And more. I do live in Vermont. Also true. The stories about my family and family friends are true – so say I. I was a little kid back then. Part of this website involves reconciling with my long dead father. I’ve come to appreciate the lessons and opportunities presented to me, even though I spent most of my adult life running away. I did. I ran.

My mother was a visual artist. Both of her brothers, my uncles, are visual artists and writers. Both have had their photographic work published. One uncle spent a lifetime writing travel logs that were published widely through well-known journals. One uncle spent a lifetime painting and taking photos of those around him.

There is a work of fiction I am publishing that must be obscured with a pseudonym. Like so many writers, I borrowed my mother’s name.

I have worked on ambulances off and on since the 1980s starting in the Boston where I was born and raised. After school and the required lost-period that followed, I landed in Alaska. Between sailing and skiing, I worked with the US Public Health Service before slipping into the post-9/11 world of government agencies. Which then triggered a letter from Uncle inviting me on yet-another adventure. Thus, as a civilian I spent about 18 months as a member of a unit of the 4th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army. Texas for training, Kuwait, Iraq, then finally home to New England. The Little Ambulance War of Winchester County is debut novel.

Christina Aiken