The Little Ambulance War of Winchester County

A fascinating and darkly funny novel giving readers front-row access to the world of EMS and other first responders — and the sticky, sweat, and sex that accompanies long days caring for others at their most vulnerable.

James Grady, creator of CONDOR and author of THE SMOKE IN OUR EYES

Following in the footsteps of her beloved Boston cop father, Alex Flynn trains as an EMT, and spends her days chasing emergencies in an ambulance. But the person Alex becomes is a far cry from the hero she signed up to be.

Over forty years in public safety, Alex encounters a changing America, where veterans are left to rot on streets, women are welcome in dangerous fields but abusers still walk free, and service providers are subjected to intense public scrutiny while being denied the resources they need. After moving from bustling Boston to small town Vermont, Alex discovers an escalating feud between emergency operators and must decide which to protect, legacy or community.

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The first half of this book takes place in Cambridge, where I worked, trained, goofed off, and others “stuff.” Stuff did include getting my head cracked with a boom while sailing, stepping on a rusty nail, finding trouble, and dating “stuff.” If in or near our fair city, please support any number of independent booksellers there.

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Pages: 268
Language: English
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Length: 12hrs
Publisher: Catalyst Press
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